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Top 5 Podcasts: What Australian Entrepreneurs Are Listening To

Are you a business professional, an entrepreneur looking for new ventures and wanting to stay relevant in their industry, or perhaps, someone who wants to enhance his/her business knowledge? Then, tune in to these podcasts.

Podcast has been a growing social platform and now used as a channel to reap fresh ideas and moneymaking opportunities in the financial world. Based on ABC’s 2017 podcast survey, there was a 56% increase in the number of podcast listeners and 44% increase in time spent listening to podcasts. Lately, podcasts have an increasing fan base in the Land Down Under.

Why podcasting is famous

Portability. Listen and still be on track with your daily routine. Even if you’re driving, exercising, bathing, doing home chores, or watching the kids, you can still listen to a podcast.

Variety. Podcasting is packed with a myriad of topics, themes and talks – and even guest hosts. Lend an ear to a show that fits your current mood, feeling or experience.

Costless. Tuning in to podcasts does not cost you any dime but it allows you to stay up-to-date with the trend, learn new stuff and be more business savvy.

Top 5 business podcasts

Business people are time-poor but they are drawn to fresh ideas, avant-garde concepts, promising business ventures, and profitable trades. Hence, listening to digital audio files is a go-to channel.

Here, we have picked out the 5 most in-demand business podcasts in Australia (that you may want to listen to if you haven’t yet).

Customer Experience Leaders

Find out how big brands – Disney, Pandora, Optus and Country Road – build and expand their customer base. The podcast is an interview format focusing on quality customer service, insights, and practical advice.

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Scale Up

A documentary-type podcast showcasing Melbourne-based startups that are scaling towards global success. Find out how they’ve come this far and learn from their mistakes. Culture Amp was featured in the first series.

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The Small Business Big Marketing Show

Be a motivated business owner in no time with this interview-based podcast hosted by marketing pro Timbo Reid. The show is centred on smart, tried-and-tested marketing strategies for SMEs.

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Future Sandwich

Winning the 2017 Australian Podcast Awards for Best Tech, Science & Gaming proves that this podcast is worth listening for. The show is in a documentary format featuring innovations, inventions, new techs and people who have been shaping up the future.

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My Business podcast: Australia’s leading show for SMEs

Know how the businesses have flourished straight from the founders and operators themselves. Learn how they survive with the competition, their struggles to keep the engine running as well as their inspiring success stories. The podcast is recognised as being raw, honest and unscripted.

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How I Built This

It’s a US-made podcast hosted by Guy Raz featuring the ups and downs of some of the world’s best-known companies, innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists. Dell, Instagram, LinkedIn and Airbnb – just to name a few of the featured companies.

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These podcasts are among the top 12 by Adam Jaffrey, the Strategy Director of Wavelength Creative, a branded podcast agency that set off high-quality audio stories to facilitate audience growth.

Got any fave podcast that needs to be on the list? Share it in the comments.