• Network Dynamics

    Trusted by thousands of businesses since 2008

Passionate about success

Our entire business is built around best practices and using best of breed hardware and software.  We don’t cut corners to save a few dollars, because our clients demand and deserve the best.  Our philosophy goes beyond simply providing a service, we make sure the service is the right solution for your needs.


Our Core Values

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Be Accountable

Take personal accountability for our actions and results

Have Respect for Others

Commit to the success and well-being of teammates and clients

Love What You Do

Promote a positive, energizing, optimistic and fun environment

Do Your Absolute Best

Be open to personal change and continuous improvement



Company Founded

Network Dynamics was founded in 2008 and started it’s journey from humble beginnings.  We started providing a wide range of services, including website development, search engine optimisation and software sales.



Web Hosting Service Launched

We initially launched our web hosting service to service our own web development clients, mainly due to fact we couldn’t find a provider who met our high standards.  Before we knew it, word spread and demand grew, giving us the motivation to launch stand alone hosting services.



Exceeded 1,000 Customers

While small compared to today’s portfolio, we were proud of the day we reached the 1000 client milestone.  This gave us the confidence and funding to purchase our own hardware, expand the team, pursue larger clients and offer a higher quality of service.



New Infrastructure Launched

In order to meet extra demand and provide future scalability, a considerable investment of both time and funding went into the new network infrastructure.  New firewalls, switches and servers are now at home in our server racks.



New APNIC IP address allocation

In order to further solidify our network presence and ownership, we now have a number of IP addresses assigned to direct directly from APNIC.  This provides us with complete control of our IP space and greater flexibility into the future.



Company Relaunch

Due to success in the high end hosting market, we have changed our focus to this area.  Our relaunch includes a new business model, which does away with commodity style services and instead replaces it with bespoke enterprise grade solutions for clients who need more than a “one size fits all” service.

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