BlogNewsNetwork Dynamics now offers HHVM Virtual Dedicated Servers

Network Dynamics now offers HHVM Virtual Dedicated Servers

Introducing HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) : a process virtual machine based on just-in-time (JIT) compilation.

What is HHVM?

HHVM serves as an execution engine for PHP and Hack programming by transforming it to intermediate HipHop bytecode (HHBC) which then translates to x86-64 machine code, optimizes and executes natively.

Why use it?

Until now, there was nothing faster than PHP to speed up high demand websites.

PHP source codes are traditionally transformed by the Zend Engine into opcodes, which are then executed directly on the Zend Engine’s CPU. This means that the load times on high demand websites can differ significantly during peak times, resulting in thousands of lost customers and quickly cementing your business’s reputation as unreliable.

Developed by Facebook, HHVM ensures that high traffic websites load even faster than before, increasing both efficiency and productivity.

So while your competitors are still struggling with traditional PHP, stay ahead of the game. Network Dynamics now offers migration to specialised HHVM services so you’ll experience fewer lags in web applications with seamless transactions and speed like never before.

Source Code / Licensing

The project’s source code is hosted on GitHub and licensed under the terms of PHP License and Zend License.

Network Dynamics

Network Dynamics was established in 2007 as a web hosting provider with the point of difference in providing unparalleled service in the industry. The company now calls some of Australia’s largest and most trusted brands its customers.

Network Dynamics has blazed from strength to strength, forging a reputation as a trusted, reliable service provider for companies large and small.