BlogNewsMagento Opens Community Insider Program For Developers

Magento Opens Community Insider Program For Developers

This is a sheer chance for developers and agencies to accelerate their Magento skillset, get certified, and have direct access to the platform’s e-commerce and marketing tools.

Magento, one of the top e-commerce platforms, has just launched its Community Insider Program (CIP) and now accepting developer applications for the 1st phase. It is an entry-level program for freelance developers, web consultants and smaller web agencies who want to build up their Magento knowledge and skillset – and get certified.

CIP provides direct access to Magento Commerce tools and sales and marketing resources.

How is this beneficial

Once you’re an Insider, you will have access to Magento Commerce Source Code + a Cloud sandbox environment. Other benefits include:

  • A Community Insider badge to show your customers that you’ve met the Magento Commerce proficiency requirements.
  • Increase exposure of your business with your dedicated listing in the Community Insider Directory.
  • Get access to selling and marketing resources on the Magento Partner Portal.
  • Enjoy additional exposure with the opportunity to be featured in branded content and attend Magento events.

We created the Magento Community Insider Program (CIP) to broaden the Magento ecosystem to a larger group of developers and agencies to help them formalize their relationship with Magento, expand their skill set, and continue to build their Magento business practices. We have 300,000+ developers in our ecosystem, so the Magento Community Insider Program is a great way for small agencies and individual developers to stand out.

What are the requirements

To join the program, you are required to have at least one Certified Associate Developer on staff, regular contributions to the community (i.e. bug fixes, content), and use of general Magento best practices. You are also required to disclose the following:

  • All names and MAG IDs for all Magento Certified Developer(s) on staff
  • Product and contact information for a referenceable client
  • Details around successfully implemented Magento products within the last two years
  • Business specialties and commerce-focused projects within the past year

How much does it cost to join

The program is currently valued at $3000 per year. However, the more information you provide to Magento upon application, the less likely you will be asked to pay the annual fee. There will be discounts, too, if you contribute to the community. These include lead referrals, content, bug-fixes or special features, etc.

To sum up, CIP aims to help developers become legitimate Magento developers, growing their business as they build and launch dynamic online stores using Magento Commerce technologies. Don’t lose this chance, visit the Magento Community Insider Program website and hit Apply Now. For your Magento hosting needs, get in touch.