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Kentico 12 Released

MVC Widget-Based Visual Page Builder Improves Marketing and Development Experience

When it comes to building fast, responsive websites, two major elements come into play: firstly, the speed of how fast it loads, and secondly, how fast data is fed back to a user. In the past, a developer or engineer had to figure these things out. But today, with the emphasis on content and the CMS, marketers are making their influence known.

This area has been the focus of Kentico, a software company for digital marketing, since 2004.

In its prior releases, the company concentrated on development tools and helped to pioneer the CMS. Kentico 12 continues that mission but improves it by giving marketers and developers a better tool to create a rich, overall web experience and all built on the backbone of an MVC.

What Is Kentico 12 (Code Name “Raptor”)

The main function of this widget or plug-in is that it splits the task of web development between developers and digital marketers. In essence, Kentico 12 gives marketers an intuitive tool for editing content without the need for specialized training about how to use the software for front-end development.  The end result is the widget can make digital marketers more productive.

Key Features of Kentico 12

The powerful tools in Kentico 12 allow digital marketers to make changes or experiment with it in order to provide the best user experience. And on each page of a website, an administrator can configure the widget so it is safe in any development environment so as to not break the functionality of a website. Other features are as follows:

  • Features a drag and drop interface.
  • Visual consistency.
  • It reuses design components.
  • It comes with the ability for sections and widget zones, allowing for the use of multiple widgets.
  • It includes tools for specific functions, specifically personalization and inline editing.
  • Smart Forms – the ability to design, build, publish online forms to gather customer data in order to understand certain user behavior despite the GDPR.
  • Use of full-blown developer MVC support at the server level.

What is MVC

MVC is an abbreviation for Model-View-Controller. Used for creating GUIs, it divides an application into three related parts. It is considered an architectural pattern, which is a solution that can be reused to solve a reoccurring problem, especially when applied to writing software. The MVC process interprets information and presents it to a user who then accepts it. For the developer, this means he can use his code and components in one application then reuse them in another. The data, however, will be different as well as the View given to a user.

MVC and Kentico 12

What all this means for MVC’s use with Kentico 12 is that it is possible to design and develop MVC widgets that are reusable. Developers have the freedom to build software without the limitations of technology, and marketers can control the design flow of a web page.

Furthermore, developers can approach a software solution without compromise that is both faster and cheaper. Not to mention that MVC built sites perform better, an all-important factor when it comes to Google page rankings. That’s why companies like Microsoft, GoDaddy, DELL,, and others are already using MVC at the backend of their sites.

How to Get Kentico 12

If you are interested in taking Kentico 12 for a spin, you can go here and choose a 7-day web-based trial.   Additionally, Kentico offers 45-minute webinars to illustrate the features of its CMS and EMS.