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4 Budget Easter Marketing Campaigns for small businesses

Round the corner is our favourite time of the year where friends, families, chocolates (and maybe some bunnies) come together for a celebration!
The concept of Easter is substantially a new beginning and an opportunity to be reborn! This message is a chance for telling customers to look to us if they haven’t already done so. It presents a good chance for businesses to showcase a more creative facet – a facet stuffed with egg treasure hunts and cute flossy chicks.

The following are some of the cheapest Easter marketing campaigns that incorporate superb integrations with social media activity and creativity for small businesses.

Easter e-greeting cards

Greeting cards are a great way to engage customers on a more personal level. By taking greeting cards to the digital world, how much more engaging would that be for businesses and its customers?

Wish customers happy Easter and thank them for their contributions thus far. At the same time, grab hold of the opportunity to boost sales. Instead of the traditional expensive printing, consider making the most out of customised e-greeting cards.

  • Design greeting cards to match your brand and collective Easter
 values shared by your customers
  • Add a personal e-greeting note to make your customers feel unique; write at least 20 to 30 customised notes if you can’t do for all
  • Include a Easter special discount/offer for customers when they make a purchase during the festive season
  • Schedule your e-greeting card to be sent out at the right time to ensure they see it; this could motivate them to take advantage of your offer
  • Allow a platform for customised e-greeting cards to be sent from 1 customer to another, this will not only increase engagement but also brand awareness!

Email marketing campaign

Email marketing is another budget way to advertise your product or services on Easter. You can send your message to an existing database or rent an email list comprising those who fit your target demographics. Albeit cheap email marketing, a lot of emails need to be sent out in order to earn high sales volume. Here’s some steps to follow:

  • Determine the aim of your email marketing campaign and customers follow-up action
  • Design email ad around motivating customers to take the next step in the purchasing process.
  • Include attention-getting images, big fonts in the headlines, easily read texts and a lot of white spaces
  • Create desire for your products/services by listing their benefits in the email copy
  • Incorporating a powerful call to action button will encourage response.
  • Make a special time-limited offer/discount will make Easter email marketing more successful.

Social media contest

Social media contests – especially Facebook – always encourage more customer engagement, likes and of course, Easter sales! A couple a Facebook contests you can run include:

  • Facebook sweepstakes. Get customers to ‘like’ your page for an entry to a random contest. Offer additional entries to customers who refers anyone to the page and likes it.
  • Photo contest. Get customers to submit photos to win a prize. Make it more interactive by having fns vote for entries
  • Naming contest. Get fans to name your new brand or product. In return, you increase engagement by asking them to participate and a truckload of fantastic ideas
  • Voting contests. After setting 2 or 3 poll parameters, let customers vote and winners stand a chance to receive a prize
  • Essay contest. Ask fans to write short excerpts about a topic and pick a winner
  • Video and other Facebook contests are also applicable depending on which makes the most for your business
  • Your prize should be attractive and of real value. Make the prize worthwhile to encourage greatest number of responses.

Content Marketing

The best pieces of content are those directed at your key audiences. So give them the content they are looking for! Here are some tips to content marketing:

  • Add visual element to your content piece – include images/infographics in between texts, it makes your content piece more interesting than a page full of words!
  • Useful templates. They serve as a framework that help users create custom piece without starting from scratch. Example: landing page template
  • Curate awesome content from other sources!
  • They don’t cost much at all..

Now that we all know what’s good and and of great value to small businesses, it is essential to choose the best option (spend little and make a lot of money) for your business while integrating the digital world (it’s what technology is all about!) as part of your marketing strategy and to avoid being awkward with your advertising. Consider first the media platforms you want to include in your campaigns and come up with attractive outlook of your chosen platforms (To captivate your readers, of course)

Network Dynamics wishes you a Happy Easter!