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Content Snare Review: Streamlines your web content process

Get web content from your client in a simpler, more organised approach.

Web designing and development are the types of jobs wherein both the vendor and client must be involved while a project is in the works. That being said, constant communication is critical.

As the project progresses, clients (and authors in a company) will be asked to provide content whilst developers design and build. Without an efficient system, it is inevitable to encounter issues such as missing files and images, incorrect formatting, and delayed responses.

These setbacks can prolong completion of tasks and push back deadlines, which can impact other project’s timelines and, ultimately, costs money.

Two developers from an Australian web agency have plotted out a framework to get rid of those obstacles and lighten the tasks of web designers and developers. Thus, Content Snare is designed.

Content Snare is a web-based tool for developers to request content from clients, ensuring that it’s supplied in the correct format, and automates the chase-up process.

Content Snare was originally crafted to address a big problem experienced by most web agencies. However, it has been adopted by all types of organisations to manage their content pipeline and communication with authors.

It complements project management tools and editorial calendars use for planning and bigger picture content management.


  • Drag and drop request builder
  • Client Instructions
  • File & image uploads
  • Unlimited follow-ups
  • Communications templates
  • Calendar view
  • Content approval
  • Request, tab & section templates
  • Pre-made content templates
  • Internal projects
  • Unbranded client video


In terms of usability, Content Snare is a smart drag-and-drop app which makes it easy to use. The interface is clear and concise.

First off, your projects are arranged by client or company. Then, you can start creating requests, a set of information that needs to be fulfilled by your client. It is divided into tabs, sections and multiple fields in various format such as text, dates, numbers, images, URLs, WYSIWYG (formatted text), and galleries. You can even jot down instructions to guide your client further and schedule due dates.

The most useful features of Content Snare are the capability to automate follow-ups and create request templates. The app will do the chasing and notify you once the client supplied the contents. And since you can create request templates, you can simply select a template and send it to your other clients.

The software’s client portal is even more user-friendly. It directs them as to how and where to place the requested content. They can view instructions as well as design screenshots and visuals. As far as content request goes, clients have the option to upload images, write content, choose from the images provided, and even upload files. They can just tick Completed when done.

When the content is ready, you can merely copy/paste them into your website’s CMS without worrying about copying over any formatting – which is often a headache when using Word or similar rich-text applications. You can also add a team member to help you lay out and execute the project.


Content Snare is not free, although it has a 14-day trial and pricing is accessible.

There is a bit of a learning curve involved too, and until you’re familiar with it some functions may overwhelm you.

The key is to plan ahead; make sure you know what content you need and how it’s structured before diving in. It’s not a tool for planning content, which would be a welcome feature for the future.

Clients have to log in to the interface in order to supply the content, which means they need to learn the process, too.


Content Snare does lives up to its purpose to streamline content production and save everyone’s time and effort. For agencies, this translates to hours of saved time.

It will be most appreciated by those that are disciplined and structured in their approach to work. If you’re not, it’s an opportunity to be so.

It’s a relatively new service but has seen a lot of interest and traction. It can only improve over time.

Give it a go

Content Snare is web-based, there’s no need to download the application or any tool. Just visit the website and sign up. After the 14-day trial, you can purchase any of the three packages – Freelancers ($29), Agency ($69), and Enterprise ($99). You can cancel your subscription anytime since there’s no contract.

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