Hosting News Roundup – 2018

Get the latest IT news and find out what’s trending in the enterprise hosting, domain, security and web development industry.

August 2018

Decryption laws edge closer to reality
9 August 2018
Source: IT News
IBM Debuts POWER9 Servers for the Enterprise
6 August 2018
Source: Server Watch
AusPost launches Tech Academy
6 August 2018
Source: IT News
Google Says Raters Guidelines is Key to Broad Core Update
3 August 2018
Source: Search Engine Journal
Instagram stats proving social media essential for businesses
3 August 2018
Source: Business News Australia
Changes Coming for DrupalCon Seattle 2019
1 August 2018
Source: Drupal

July 2018

Joomla 3.8.11 Release
31 July 2018
Source: Joomla
Data security: the new frontier of app protection
31 July 2018
Source: Security Brief Australia
Young Entrepreneurs seizing business opportunity of the year
25 July 2018
Source: Business News Australia
Podcasts More Popular than Blogs
16 July 2018
Source: Search Engine Journal
Now Live: Using page speed in mobile search ranking
9 July 2018
Source: Google Blog

June 2018

Aussie unicorn Canva is collaborating with Dropbox
21 June 2018
Source: Smart Company
Risks in Using Self-Signed SSL Certificates
21 June 2018
Source: Search Engine Journal
Updates to the Office 365 user experience
13 June 2018
Source: Microsoft
Virtual currency sales jump in 2018
5 June 2018
Source: IT News

May 2018

Google to Remove Secure Site Indicator from Chrome
24 May 2018
Source: Search Engine Journal
cPanel TSR-2018-0003 Full Disclosure
22 May 2018
Source: cPanel
Adobe to Acquire Magento Commerce
21 May 2018
Source: Adobe
Faster, safer and better ad experiences for consumers
17 May 2018
Source: Google – CInside AdWords
Evolving Chrome’s security indicators
17 May 2018
Source: Chromium Blog
How the DTA is working around
15 May 2018
Source: IT News
Google confirms it shortened search results snippets
14 May 2018
Source: Search Engine Land
Australian Podcast Awards 2018 Winners
6 May 2018
Source: Australian Podcast Awards 
Fedora 28 Improves Linux Server Modularity
1 May 2018
Source: Server Watch
Australia to get national data commissioner
1 May 2018
Source: IT News

April 2018

Windows 10 provides weapon in war on attention
30 April 2018
Source: IT News
Making IT simpler with a modern workplace
27 April 2018
Source: Microsoft 365
Make the most of your time with the new Windows 10 update
27 April 2018
Source: Microsoft Windows Blogs
Google overhauls Gmail to compete with Outlook
26 April 2018
Source: IT News
cPanel: Get Rewarded For Your Feedback
25 April 2018
Source: cPanel
State of the CMO 2018 Survey
24 April 2018
Source: CMO from IDG
Search Marketing Firm SEMrush Raises $40 Million to Fund Expansion
24 April 2018
Source: The Wall Street Journal
Google Confirms Algorithm Update Released
20 April 2018
Source: Seach Engine Journal
Google prepares Gmail redesign
12 April 2018
Source: IT News
Blockchain to get ‘behind the grid’ in landmark Australian deal
10 April 2018
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald
Police could access US cloud data under planned crime-fighting deal
8 April 2018
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald
Kentico Making Solid Gains
4 April 2018
Source: Globe News Wire
Nginx debuts app server for microservices
3 April 2018
Source: InfoWorld
Protecting users from extension cryptojacking
2 April 2018
Source: Chromium Blog

March 2018

Drupal advises be on lookout for highly critical release
27 March 2018
Source: PC & Tech Authority
Google Removes 100 Bad Ads Per Second
14 March 2018
Source: Search Engine Journal
Joomla 3.8.6 Release
13 March 2018
Source: Joomla
World Wide Web Turns 29
12 March 2018
Source: Web Foundation
ADMA CEO Jodie Sangster departs
8 March 2018
Source: CMO
The Building Blocks of Interpretability
6 March 2018
Source: Google Research Blog
WordPress now powers 30% of websites
5 March 2018
Source: Venture Beat
Changes to inactive AdWords accounts
5 March 2018
Source: Ads Developer Blog
Meet NSW’s new govt CIO
2 March 2018
Source: IT News
Re-engineering Technology: Delivery Models for the Future
1 March 2018
Source: The Wall Street Journal
Enterprise data sovereignty: If you love your data, set it free
Tech Trends 2018
Source: Deloitte Insights

February 2018

Magento 2.2.3, 2.1.12 and 2.0.18 Security Update
27 February 2018
Source: Magento
Internet providers face broadband marketing laws
26 February 2018
Source: IT News
Magento enhances tie-in with Amazon marketplace
26 February 2018
Source: Channel Life
Microsoft updates Microsoft 365 to meet GDPR compliance
26 February 2018
Source: Daily Host News
Yoast SEO 7.0 is open for testing
22 February 2018
Source: Yoast
Deakin’s Genie named Australia’s top IT project
21 February 2018
Source: IT News
Apache NetBeans (incubating) 9.0 Beta released
21 February 2018
Source: Jax Enter
HTTP/2 Server Push Directive Lands in Nginx 1.13.9 
20 February 2018
Source: Server Watch
Australia’s new payments platform goes live
13 February 2018
Source: IT News
Google gets in on mobile ‘story craze’ with new AMP Stories format 
13 February 2018
Source: Search Engine Land
Chrome 68 will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”
8 February 2018
Source: Chromium Blog
Digital transformation is all about enterprise agility
6 February 2018
Source: Digital Journal

January 2018

Chrome 66 to Distrust Symantec Certificates
31 January 2018
Source: Google Blog
The best and worst tech stocks in 2017
30 January 2018
Source: CRN
Dynamic A/B Testing with NGINX Plus
29 January 2018
Source: NGinX
Magento: Building on A Record 2017
23 January 2018
Source: Magento
Amazon Prime in Australia to launch early in 2018
23 January 2018
Source: Tamebay
Australia counts down to real-time payments
18 January 2018
Source: IT News
Cloudflare Access aims to replace corporate VPNs
17 January 2018
Source: TechCrunch
Using page speed in mobile search ranking
17 January 2018
Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog
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