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Migration Policy

Our Responsibilities
Initial Assessment
  • Disk Space Evaluation: We will verify whether the total disk space used on the source server will fit onto the destination service.
  • Potential Issue Identification: We will make a best effort to identify any potential issues that might affect the migration process.
Data Backup
  • Access and Non-Interference: We will login to the current hosting environment using the details you provide. We will not alter any data on the source server unless necessary for migration purposes, such as deleting large error log files or redundant backup files.
  • Migration Source: We can perform website migrations from both cPanel and non-cPanel servers. Email migrations are strictly from cPanel source servers to cPanel destination services only.
  • Completion Criteria: A migration is considered complete when all website files, databases and emails have been transferred to the new service.
  • Operational Testing: We typically test if the website loads on the new server. If it loads without visible errors, we consider the website operational.
  • Functionality Testing Limitations: We do not test the full functionality of the website for the following reasons:
    • Unfamiliarity with the intended functionality of the website
    • Potential pre-existing issues not disclosed prior to migration
  • Obsolete Software: Any websites using obsolete server and/or application software versions, run the risk of compatibility issues when migrating to a well maintained and up-to-date hosting environment. Such issues may require billable web development or engineer time to resolve.

Post-Migration Support
  • Initial Support: We offer immediate technical support following the migration to address any direct issues caused by the migration. Issues that are unrelated to the migration or found to be pre-existing to the migration may require billable web development or engineer time to resolve.
  • DNS Updates: We will update DNS or point domain names to our services when deemed appropriate by the migrations team or by arrangement with the client.

Client Responsibilities

Hosting Service Selection
  • Correct Service: It is critical that you purchase the appropriate hosting service. If you are unsure about which service to select, please consult with a Network Dynamics team member for guidance.
Information Provision
  • Timely and Accurate Information: Provide all required login details in a timely and accurate manner to avoid delays in the migration process.
  • Disclosure of Pre-Existing Issues: Provide details of pre-existing issues such as malware, broken functionality or missing data.
Domain and DNS Management
  • DNS Updates: If you do not provide DNS or domain management login details, you are responsible for updating these settings to point your domain to your new service on our network. These details are included with your service activation email.

Acceptance of Terms

By initiating a website migration with us, you agree to the responsibilities and procedures outlined in this policy. This cooperation will help ensure a successful transition to your new hosting environment.

If you would like further information or have any questions regarding our migration policy, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 1300 768 249.