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Ways to create Extraordinary Customer Experience through your website

Similar to that of shopping at a physical store, an online experience can either give you peace or a real headache as to where and what you are looking for. We call that digital journeys or customer online experience. Apart from your website, the online experience stretches across various types of communication platforms including email, chat boxes, social media or even applications. This gives businesses heaps of opportunities to interact with each other and make a good impression.

While Google Analytics monitors sales and gives some amazing reports, these digital journeys, however, lack the face-to-face emotional aspect of interaction. As such, alternatives were developed to receive feedback from people online and businesses have learnt to leverage on what is available to do that.

Businesses should monitor these feedbacks, understand customers’ concerns behind them and improve their online experience. Feedbacks can be attained through multiple platforms such as:

  • Emails
  • Social media likes, feedbacks, shares & comments
  • Website response rates
  • Customer reviews
  • Interviews
  • Click through rates

The aim is to make your websites as user-friendly and as convenient it can get for your customers on their online journey. No one likes having to go through a lot of trouble to look for a piece of information. Before you know it, many would have left your site because it was too difficult to navigate around.

Here are a few tips you can follow to create the best digital journeys for your customers:

  • Build a website focused on customer journey

A good web design is focused on solving your customers’ problems when they are navigating through your site. Build your page strategically so your customers can easily search out the information they need. More often that not, a good web with easily identifiable information can motivate customers to act.

  • Split your website visitors into demographics or segments

The demographics can include gender, age, their need, B2B or B2C or different industry. Having different segments can help to structure your message targeted at them personally, you can better communicate by responding to their needs.

  • List information of each segment

Before you can draft your message, you will have to first determine the characteristics of each segment to help structure your message to solve customers’ problems.Here’s a list of basic information:

-Technical knowledge
-Education levels
-Drivers and objectives

This step may require some time and research, but once you understand your customers, likelihood is that you will already know what they are looking out for, you stand a higher chance of converting them into sales.

  • Create sitemap based on ideal customer journey for each segment

You can review current web content to decide what content can be used in speaking to those segments. Map the segments to existing assets and content then fill any gaps.

  • Carefully review current web content and assets.

Review your web content and design. Ensure that they are speaking to your targeted audience. Many companies make the common error of talking about themselves and neglect catering to their visitors. Keep in mind the segments listed above, it should serve as a guide to discuss your visitors and their needs.

Remember to always update your content to focus on your readers. Solve any issues and challenges they face and you’re set for repeat visits!

  • Draft your customer online experience before graphic design or WordPress theme selection

You will not be able to choose a WP theme without first knowing what you set out to achieve for customer online experience. Thus, it is important to discover what your customers look for in your business and how they might like their online journey to be before choosing any web designs.

  • Customer online experience can start their mobile phones or anywhere within your web

Peoples’ social live online is no longer limited to desktop and home page. They can access your page from any device or post. Ensure your web interior and posts help begin a impressive online experience.

  • The impacts on different communication mediums vary at different points in the buying cycle

A visitor online experience is not derived solely from your website. They come and go at different points, it is important to make several good and positive interactions with them throughout their online experience.

Success in customer online experience doesn’t come overnight. It requires hard work, research and analysis before you can provide your customers with the best online experience they can ever have. 

Start today and have control over what you want your customers to experience when they are looking you up!