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ClientFlow: Shared Inbox and Project Management In A Single Platform

ClientFlow is a project management tool conceived around client’s favourite communication channel: email.

It’s been said that good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity, and teamwork is the heart of great achievement. In so many ways these strings of words are true, particularly when working on collaborative projects. After all, making sure a client is satisfied is the major goal (and the best strategy) when you’re in the business sector.

The primary challenge in collaborative projects is achieving its desired results while dealing with all the constraints, such as the scope of the project, manpower, deadline and budget. Not to mention your client’s untimely demands and design alterations. You’ll be doing the planning, coordinating, controlling and monitoring a team project. You have to disseminate the tasks equally to each member of the group and track their progress. You also need to regularly touch base with your client, keeping them in the loop.

Yes, it’s quite a handful if you don’t have an efficient, well-structured project management solution – like ClientFlow. Modelled based on email client functions, the software includes features that improve group and client conversations. It allows you to create customized emails to be sent to your clients and let them respond quickly without having to sign up a new account.

To aid you and your team, here’s a rundown of the essentials of project management to have a well-organized, productive and successful collaborative project:

Client communication

There are instances when a leader butted heads with a client because of miscommunication – missed email, delayed response, overlooked instructions or just because one is feeling neglected. There’s no excuse for that. Good customer experience means more leads. Thus, you need to take care of your client, keep them updated on the progress of the project and listen to their suggestions.

ClientFlow helps you to have a constant conversation with your client. It has a standardize Client Approval Request process and will route each communication straight to your inbox. The mail tracking function lets you know if the client has opened and read your message(s).

Shared inbox

Your team members are not always a tap away or just seated right next to you. Sticky notes aren’t always useful – they can be misplaced or blown away. And with all the emails coming into your inbox and rush jobs, anything can sidetrack you. You need to filter emails and pick up which ones are for the collaborative project that you’re part of.

Team correspondence is simple and efficient with ClientFlow’s Shared Inbox feature. Each group or department can have their own group email for personalized communication. Get access to client’s messages, leaving no information unnoticed.

Team collaboration

When you’re collaborating with a bunch of people, regular correspondence is crucial. You need to check each other to see if you are still on the same objective. What’s been done? Which requires improvement? How many assignments are completed? These things have to be streamlined and known to each member of the team.

Thanks to ClientFlow’s Team Collaboration feature, you can easily send and receive feedback from your teammates. You can create internal discussions, comment, follow conversations and stay on track with the progress of the project. No more resending of messages and backreads for you.

Project management

With all the constraints (scope of the project, stuffing, deadlines, funding, resources, etc.), it’s inevitable to lose track in the process if you don’t have an efficient work method. The project is a team’s endeavour. You need to draft, plan, execute, control and finalize the project on schedule and within budget.

Hence, ClientFlow offers a Project Management tool that enables you to organize and allocate the tasks to your team members so you can keep an eye of the development. You can also see if there are any holds up and updates by participating in conversation threads and by looking at the task status and notifications. The Kanban Board provides the overview of the team tasks.

Time tracking

When working on a collaborative project, time is of the essence. You have other clients to deal with just as your clients have other business activities to attend to.

That’s why ClientFlow has a Time Tracker to make sure your team is on schedule, the tasks are completed on time and there are no backlogs. It’s a flexible, easy-to-use feature to help you manage and budget your time wisely.

So, there you go. ClientFlow gathers all the necessary elements to have a successful collaborative project and then organized them into one platform. No more going back and forth from one software to another. It’s a simple, feature-rich suite of project management tools. And ClientFlow will have an Invoicing tool soon to simplify payments and invoice processes.

Go ahead, sign up for a free trial and let us know in the comments what do you think of this project management software.