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Every industry is unique

We recognise every industry has its own unique needs and we’ll take time to understand your business.  We’re familiar with the expectations and challenges of a range of industries, from small business to Governmentwww.freemoviexxx.ccwww.freemoviexxx.ccwww.freemoviexxx.cc.

Whether you are a large multinational company, or a smaller local business, you can be sure that our team of hosting experts are on hand to help.

Industry specific know how

Each industry and business have different requirements in regards to security, availability and for some, supply chain automation.

We work with you to enhance our offering based around the requirements of your specific industry to make your hosting solution work correctly for your business.

Best Practice

We have the industry experience to be able to provide assistance and advice for hosting best practices.  This can assist when planning and implementing backups, disaster recovery, software updates, automation and capability to scale.


Our skilled team of server security specialists ensure servers are always hardened to provide the maximum security from external threats. We constantly perform security auditing and ensure server software is up-to-date with the latest security patches.


Compliance is a vital requirement for organisations in healthcare, financial markets, and the government sector. Our team can provide industry-leading compliant hosting solutions, specifically designed to deliver security, performance and peace of mind.

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